The only way out is….”Together…”

As more and more people are becoming conscious about what they eat, organic food is fast becoming a need rather than a fad for the rich. The phenomenon has now moved from a select few consumers to thousands of farmers creating supply for the same.

While several corporates and government bodies are doing their bit, groups like ‘Savayava Krishi Pariwara’ are chalking their own paths.

Savayava Krishi Pariwara is a federation of Organic Farmer’s family who are trying to establish a direct supply chain from the farmer to the consumer.

Various small to medium farmers from 9 districts of Karnataka put up stalls at four places in Bangalore (Keshava Shilpa, Girinagara, L.B. Shastri Nagar, HSR Layout) on first Saturday and Sunday of every month since October 2013.

Till date, 30 such melas have been organised with amazing response from the consumers. The footfalls are growing with every event as word of mouth is helping grow awareness. During these two days, average monthly sale of ~Rs 8 lakhs is booked.

Currently, the mela has more than 100 products which have been grown the organic way. The products include cereals, pulses, spices, value added / processed food items, ayurvedic products and minor forest products.

All the products are grown on organic farms with ZERO use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides. The institution regularly visits these farmer fields to ensure that the Pariwar’s organic guidelines/principals are adhered to.

Another unique feature of the event is that you can pre-order products online. Customers can pre-order their requirements which is provisioned for beforehand.

Unlike other one – off events which only showcase the importance and potential of organic, this mela is trying to empower the farmers to sell their produce directly to customers on a regular basis. The consistency of this effort is slowly creating sustained demand and regular customer stream for organic products driving a mind-set change in the consumer.

“We are all so much together!” Through this event the Pariwar is trying to cultivate a connection of trust, respect and affection between the farmer and customer. The customer knows the credibility of the food they are eating and the farmer not only sells his produce (at a better price) without middlemen but also shares his pride, happiness, problems and agonies with his customer. For consumers, these products are ~20-30% cheaper than the branded and certified organic ones available on the retail shelf.

Savayava Krishi Pariwara ( has been on this mission for more than two decades now. The trust is a balanced mix of several progressive farmers and agriculture scientists. No wonder they understand the real issues and challenges of farmers and are determined to solve them. It’s time we play our part and help spread awareness about them.

Write to me and I would connect you to the group. Let the good work not go unnoticed.

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