About us

When I quit my corporate job in search of doing something more meaningful, I wandered around to find an answer to the most difficult question in the world “What next?”

I began meeting a lot of people associated with agriculture. Farmers, Professors, corporate professionals, investors, students, entrepreneurs, policy makers, and everyone had a story to tell. Agriculture was not merely any other job for them. It was their passion. On the other side, the world still looked at agri as an ‘old economy’, a ‘sluggish’, ‘poor man’s sector’, and ‘not so fancy’.And it pained me.

Agriculture needs change of perception, it needs disruption..

This change is possible only when we integrate “E” with Agriculture. AgricultureE is an attempt to bring about change by sharing ideas, experiences, success & failures, problems & solutions.

AgricultureE will bring likeminded people together. It would bring our energies together to create a new world for agriculture. It would reboot agriculture forever.


Welcome to AgricultureE!